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Homeowners and Home Purchasers
After the structural reliability of the building itself, there is no more important aspect to the "live-ability" of a home than the plumbing and heating. Homeowners are an important group of customers for us, as are home purchasers. The homeowners are typically planning to upgrade the systems in the home, based on the age and performance of the existing systems, or based on a planned addition.

Home purchasers may have the luxury of being able to upgrade the home before they move in, but both homeowners and home purchasers are pressed for time. Homeowners need the heating work done during the seasons when the load on the heating systems is lowest. Home purchasers need the project done at a time when it will not conflict with the move out, move in, or financial contracts.

In addition to doing excellent work in the best possible elapsed time, our homeowner and home purchaser customers appreciate our openness to special requests and custom options. The homeowners and home purchasers often have specific ideas based on their knowledge of family needs and goals. Some examples are:
• multizone heating to accommodate "mother-daughter" or other extended family living spaces
• newest "green" options for heat and hot water with lowest possible ecological impact
• convenient arrangements to heat seasonal spaces like cabanas, guest houses, and screen rooms that are not necessarily used year-round.

In all these cases we are consultants first, then contractors, to allow homeowners and home purchasers to choose the best value options, before we get out the tools. Licensed as plumbing and as Home Improvement Contractors, we can provide one stop shopping for custom planning and custom execution of your ideas.

Even the largest contractors can't cover every specialty with full-time in-house employees, so we are happy to work as subcontractors wherever the project involves pipes and ducts for plumbing, heating, and cooling. With our State Certifications (e.g. Master Plumber, Public Works Certificate, DPMC, SDA) we are able to be a one-stop shop to avoid involving multiple subcontractors.
Whether the project is new construction, repair, or renovation, and whether the property is residential, commercial, government, or nonprofit, we work effectively with all the other trades on the project. Even if the most economical project plan involves lots of "ins-and-outs" to avoid multiple teams in the same space at the same time, we are the "right-size" subcontractor: Big enough to have overlapping project schedules we can stay busy, small enough so the team that is familiar with each project stays with it.

Commercial Property Owners
Our state certifications also make us an effective choice when commercial property owners need special plumbing capabilities for their manufacturing or service spaces. We have welding certifications and refrigerant transition and recovery (EPA) certifications (Type I and II) and the experience to back them up.

Commercial site examples include:
• compressed air for lifts, presses, painting or manufacturing line tools
• flammable or other dangerous gases, including venting for laboratory spaces
• high-capacity heating and cooling for special environments
• ducting and filters for clean rooms and humidity-controlled spaces

We are especially experienced in repair or renovation of existing systems, and in expanding existing systems. These cases need a high level of advanced planning: Too much excess capacity means high costs; too little excess capacity may mean another upgrade in the next year; failure to plan for contingencies may mean operations are stopped for longer than necessary.