John E.Snyder III NJ Master Plumber Lic. #BI10916

IRON MOUNTAIN MECHANICAL,LLC Plumbing & Heating Contractor

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Iron Mountain Mechanical, LLC

Address: 132 Mt. Pleasant Road
Columbia, NJ 07832

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Some examples of typical projects

In homes
Residential heating systems - baseboard, radiant, steam
New and replacement boilers including outdoor wood- and corn-fueled boilers for low environmental impact homes
Upgrade residential fixtures
Add convenience or luxury appliances - hot tub, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam shower
Water supply from public system or well
Water conditioning and water pressure stabilization
Extrol and other expansion tanks
Venting and piping to sewer or septic system
Natural and propane gas heating systems
Hot water heating including tankless hot water systems
Plumbing for renovations and additions including kitchens and baths

In commercial buildings
Gas piping
Pressurized gas including air compressors
High capacity HVAC systems for offices, schools and churches