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Industrial Building Renovations

Iron Mountain Mechanical was hired to fabricate and install a large compressed air & vacuum system operating 250 robots in an assembly line. The compressed air portion of the project allows the robots’ parts to move forward and the vacuum portions pulls the robots’ part back to their original position; allowing each one to complete a specific job in the assembly line. The compressed air is supplied by three large compressors and is dried & filtered; delivering a constant supply of dry, clean air to the robots. The compressed air piping consists of Schedule 40 black pipe and Victaulic couplings and fittings. The vacuum system consists of large vacuum pumps, receivers and exhaust piping. Vacuum piping is 8" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings. As seen in the pictures, both the schedule 40 steel pipe and the schedule 40 PVC piping is installed approximately 16' above floor level and suspended from the ceiling. In order to get the piping safely hung overhead, Iron Mountain’s technicians fabricated the support system by attaching ˝" beam clamps to the ceiling structure then attaching ˝" threaded rod to a 4' section of unistrut. Eventually multiple trapeze hangers were fabricated and installed in order to hold the piping suspended over the robot assembly line. Once the hangers were in place, Iron Mountain then was able to begin assembling the compressed air & vacuum lines and securing them in place.

The compressed air piping consists of Schedule 40 black pipe and Victaulic couplings and fittings. Several lengths of Schedule 40 black pipe were fitted together on the ground using the mechanical groove lock fittings and then raised into place via man-lifts. The job totaled approximately 400 feet of 2" and 3" black pipe.

Vacuum piping is over 400 feet of 8" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings. Most of the PVC pipe was lifted to the trapeze hangers and then fit together while men were on the man-lifts. It was also part of our job to fabricate and install the manifolds at each robot station where the robots were hooked into the system of compressed and vacuum air piping. We called these manifolds “trees”. Each “tree” consists of two 5-port manifolds; one for compressed air and one for the vacuum line. Iron Mountain fabricated and installed 25 of these "trees" each with 5 ports for compressed air and 5 ports for vacuum air. The robots will be placed below this piping each with its own small compressed air & vacuum lines piped directly to it (not shown).