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Iron Mountain Mechanical, LLC

Address: 132 Mt. Pleasant Road
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Phone/Fax: (908) 496-4792

The Life-cycle of an Iron Mountain Project

First contact
Most of our projects start with a phone call, although some longer term projects come to us by mail, early in the planning process.

Action plan
Most projects will have one of the following action plans:
• Site visit, to gather detailed information for a comprehensive written estimate
• Short-turnaround estimate by phone, for a project too urgent to wait for a site visit, or where the first step is short turnaround and the project can then be completed on a normal schedule
• Referral, when the project is a plumbing or heating emergency and it is not something that we can provide services for immediately. We often refer them to a 24/7 emergency repair company, and we have a list of reputable round-the-clock service providers.

We are normally able to identify which is the appropriate action plan for a project within one business day of the first contact if not sooner, and notify the prospective customer of the action plan as soon as we know.

The site visit if any and the estimate, whether telephonic or written, is always free of charge. We take the time to review and explain the proposed work (including timeline, costs, materials, etc) with the clients to ensure that they are comfortable with the job, so that the written estimate is a "no surprises" document, easy for the customer to accept.
In cases where there are special options that need to be researched, or where the estimate offers the customer choices of several possible approaches, the estimate is still provided at no cost.

If the proposal is accepted, the work is then scheduled as soon as possible to accommodate both the customer's schedule and ours. We are open to situations where a project is scheduled with long lead time and we hold a space in our calendar for work that must take place at a particular moment in a construction project, or season of the year, or manufacturing schedule.

On Site
We schedule availability of the team, the tools, and the materials to allow the work to start, and finish, as soon as possible.

Clean Up
Our goal is to leave the site in better condition than we found it, ready for other trades to commence their work, or ready for use if that is the expectation in our estimate. On residential jobs and jobs in public buildings, we lay down runners and hang masking or curtains to protect walls and flooring of the rooms we need to work in.
For homeowner projects, we recognize the need to clean up at the end of every day, not just at the end of the project, with tools and materials stored safely and out of the way if they will be on site overnight.

Follow Up
We recognize that the test of the quality of our work is not customer acceptance the day we finish the job, but customer satisfaction in the weeks, months and years after the job is complete. Excellent work in plumbing, heating and cooling doesn't call attention to itself - it just works. So we stay in touch, with a thank you card after every job and with holiday cards for every customer.