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My water heater is getting old and I am concerned that it will stop working or start leaking.  What can I do to prevent a leak and/or costly repair bills?
The normal life-span of a typical hot water heater is 10 years, depending on the quality of your water.  We recommend replacing water heaters after 10 years.  This will alleviate added expenses for repairs and potentially an emergency replacement.  Also, today’s water heaters are much more energy efficient.  There are many water heating options these days with all different efficiency ratings.
My boiler is old and/or leaking?
If you have the option and think your boiler might need to be replaced, have us out to take a look and see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.  It’s always better to try and plan ahead to replace during the off-heating season than the dead of winter when it becomes an emergency.
I am in the process of planning and addition on my house; can I add radiant heat to the addition in conjunction with my existing boiler and heating system?
Yes, if you currently have a hot water boiler using propane, natural gas, oil or wood as a fuel source.  We can usually add radiant heat to smaller portions of our addition such as bathrooms or even kitchen, depending on the size and capacity of your boiler. 
Every year I need to get my outside hose spigots replaced because they froze over the winter; what can I do to prevent this from happening?
We can install a frost-free hose spigot that shuts the water off in the warm section of your house and drains itself out, preventing this from happening.
My water smells/tastes funny; I have deposits on my sinks/faucets/toilets….

Water sample – water conditioning system. We can come out and take a free water sample to determine your water quality and give you our professional opinion on correcting these problems.  We can correct problems such as sediment in water, staining of clothes, rotten egg smell and many more.