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Iron Mountain Mechanical, LLC

Address: 132 Mt. Pleasant Road
Columbia, NJ 07832

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Here is an easy way to remember what separates Iron Mountain from its competitors:
PIPE -- Planning, Integration, Professionalism, and Execution

Your project will only be successful to the extent it is well-planned. No matter what size the project, we will plan it in detail, document it for review by you or your project manager, and update the plans as they change to meet contingencies during the project span. We recognize that projects on a short turnaround actually need MORE planning than a project on a normal schedule. In urgent projects there is no time for a redo or a work-around; the plan must succeed immediately. For us, no project is small enough to allow a "cut-and-try" approach. Failure to plan results in a project that starts sooner but ends later. Likewise, no project is large enough to permit a "let's see how it goes" solution. That will always go badly.

Our work never stands alone. Whether the project is a new build, a retrofit of new systems into an existing structure, or a repair, the decisions we make must integrate with the decisions of other trades; and of designers, architects, and project managers past and present. Whether we are partnered with other services that we have contracted for and work with often, or we are part of a new team, we know what to expect from the others involved. We know what sequence the steps of the project will follow, and we insure that our steps are timely, complete, and of superior quality.

We are professionals, with 20 years of experience in this business. We have the certifications that show we have the training and the experience to complete complex and safety-oriented projects. We are up to date on the federal, state and local codes that govern the work we do for you, and we know when a quality job means those standards need to be exceeded rather than just met. We price our projects carefully and realistically, with the knowledge that a bid we can't keep to is a broken commitment that will inevitably cost us future business. We start when we say we'll start, and finish when we say we'll finish, or if contingencies outside our control prevent this, we insure that they are contingencies you were aware of as soon as we were.

An Iron Mountain project brings materials, experience, and equipment together at the moment they are needed and not before. We know this is the way to complete your project at the best cost and, equally importantly, with the least effect on your home or business and the rest of the project. Just as a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, what we build for you will only be reliable if every run, every join, every angle, is perfectly assembled for the pressure it will carry. Iron Mountain was created by individuals who are proud to work to this exacting standard, and we hire only craftsmen who share that commitment.